3 Disneyland Tips you need when planning your family vacation

My family and I spent an awesome week in Anaheim, California from February 3-10. In this email I'm going to quickly tell you a few things learned and experienced that can help you when planning your Disneyland vacation. 

  1. When is the best time to visit Disneyland? This is a question I get asked very often. So here's the thing - there is not only one answer to that question - it depends on what's important to your family. 
    My family and I like to avoid the times when crowds are the highest because standing in very long lines isn't something we want to do - so we picked a time that tends to have lower crowds (early February and also September are good times to consider for this). There is a downside though - this is also when the park hours are shorter, rides are closed for refurbishments, and there are fewer special events (like fireworks and parades for example). 
    I did a Facebook Live video about this topic recently - click this link to hear me talk about when to visit Disneyland. 
  2. Where should I stay? There are SO many hotel options all around Disneyland and it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options to find the right one for you. There are the Disneyland Resort Hotels (the most expensive with the most "magic"), to the 2 star motels a shuttle ride away from Disneyland and everything in between. 
    Some of the questions I ask my clients when trying to narrow down where they'd like to stay are - how close do you need to be to Disneyland (many of the newer, nicer hotels are on the ART shuttle line and are less expensive than the ones closer to Disneyland), what is your budget, and are you wanting other amenities (free breakfast, a kitchenette, a pool etc).
    My family and I chose a hotel very close to Disneyland because we were traveling with kids who needed mid-day breaks and we wanted the convenience of being a few minutes walk away. We also wanted a hotel with great water play features (my kids LOVE to swim and all our vacations involve water), and ideally we wanted 3 sleep surfaces. 
    We picked Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance. I did a live video showing you around my room - click here to watch that video.
  3. How many days do I need in the parks? Easy answer - at least 3 days and probably not more than 5. In my opinion, if you're not a frequent Disneyland visitor - you'll need at least 3 days to experience Disneyland and California Adventure - less than that and you'll feel extremely rushed and miss out on events/rides.
    My family likes to stay for 7 nights, and spend 5 days in the parks. We visit one park per day (we don't buy the park hopper). 5 days allows us to take long breaks at the hotel as we need without feeling like we're going to miss out on things at the parks, it allows us to re-ride our favourite rides, and allows us to go at a kid pace (stopping to look at every interesting thing along the way, and patiently enduring the inevitable meltdowns etc).

These are just 3 of the tips I have for you. I created 5 other Facebook live videos all about Disneyland with more tips. You can find them by going here.
Contact me today and we can get started planning your best trip yet – to reach me, just click here.


Karen Tatum
Family Travel Agent

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