Plan Your Luxury Family Vacation

Where will you next family vacation be?

We know that travel comes with a host of great benefits: you get to spend time with people you love; you get to see new things and try new things; you get to relax away from the pressures of work and everyday life; you get the thrill of realizing dreams you may have had for years and years. When you travel with your family, those benefits are magnified with deep family connections, lifelong memories and a whole bunch of fun!

Sometimes it’s hard to get started thinking about where your next family vacation should take you. I like to start by considering what type of experience you’re wanting to have. Do you want to relax, play, swim, explore cities, learn about history, eat amazing food, do something the kids will never forget? If you’d like some help to think through these questions and narrow down the what and why of your next vacation - please click the link to my free ebook found on this page.

The world is a BIG places with seemingly unending possibilities. Here are a few of the most common luxury family vacation that I execute for my clients - 

Hawaii - 

There are six major islands that make up Hawaii: Kaui, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the island of the Hawaii (also called "The Big Island "). Each island has it's own personality. From the busy city of Waikiki  on Oahu, to the natural and rugged beauty the Napali coast of Kauai - Hawaii offers a huge range of experiences.  A great resource to explore Hawaii is

All-Inclusive Sun Destinations

Most all-inclusive resorts are found in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and other exotic Caribbean countries. If you and your family are looking to have your needs taken care of considering an all-inclusive vacation makes sense. There are options from luxurious 5* resorts where you are waited on hand-and-foot, resorts designed specifically to help you relax and rejuvenate,  and those action packed with a party atmosphere. 

Disney Vacations

We all know about the large theme park vacations that Disney is famous for - and they're not called "the happiest place on earth" without reason. But Disney vacations far beyond castles and roller coasters. With multiple high-end resorts (notably Aulani in Hawaii), cruise ships (Disney cruises are considered luxury cruises perfect for families) and the amazing educational story-filled trips around the world with Adventures by Disney - Disney has something for just about everyone.

You’ve done the typical family vacations and you’re ready to experience something TRULY extraordinary -

If you look at the list of destinations above and you think - meh - been there, done that. If your kids are getting in to their school-age years or teens, if you are well-traveled prior to having a family, or if you are just looking for something that not everyone gets to experience — this is where things get really interesting.

  • Maybe you would like to go on a luxury family safari experience in Southern Africa (I’ve written about my experience in Africa - click here).

  • Maybe you’d like to travel with a group of families in partnership with National Geographics and learn and experience nature and culture in the way only they can show you.

  • How about a experiencing a European destination with a company who has considered EVERY aspect of your trip through the eyes of a child (and their parents).

Because of my partnership with Virtuoso I have a relationship with the very best travel companies in the world. When I connect you with exactly the right destination, company and experience - the only limit to your luxury family vacation is our collective imagination.

So, you know where you want to go? Click here to choose a time to give me a call so we can talk about it!

Hire Karen as your travel planning expert

I am a full service luxury family travel agent. That means, when you hire me to plan your trip I will - 

  1. Communicate with you to ensure I understand all of your desires, needs, interests, worries and budget requirements.

  2. Connect with the travel partners I have around the world to determine which are the right components to meet everything I discovered during our communications. As a Virtuoso advisor I have access to the most exclusive luxury brands in travel - along with many value added perks not available to the general public.

  3. I will tailor the options and present a curated list of excellent vacations for you to consider. And then you get to do the fun part of picking which pre-planned option looks best to you.

  4. I will take care of all of the details of getting your trip booked and provide you with simple instructions as well as tips and trips for your travel experience.

  5. Should you need me during your vacation, I am available to you via email, messenger or phone.



To hire me, please send me an email to so we can connect and get started.