Before you book an All-Inclusive Vacation checklist

Details you need to be aware of before booking your trip with Tatum’s Tailored Trips

What you need to know about flights

What you need to know about flights

Know before you fly

  • Seat selections - Selecting your seat prior to departure may or may not be available. If you are able to choose your seat prior to completing your online check-in there will usually be a fee to do so for each leg of your trip (the fees range in price and are determined by the airline)

  • Baggage allowances and fees - each airline has their own rules about how much checked baggage costs and the weight and dimensions of those bags. Some common airlines’ rules are here - Air Canada, Westjet, Air Transat. To find the rules for your airline please check their website.

  • Changes and cancellations - The rules associated with changes and cancellations are based on the type of fare you book and the airline. If you need to change or cancel your flights there will be fees associated with making changes and your cost could be 100% non-refundable. To find the rules for your airline please check their website.

  • Schedule changes - Airlines can and do at times make changes to their flight schedules after you book your flights (and other parts of your trip). They will generally offer alternative flights, or offer a refund for the flights. If the other parts of your trip are negatively affected by the change, you are responsible for those costs (one reason travel insurance is important).

  • Travel documents - it is your responsibility to ensure you have the proper documents and ID necessary to take your trip. If you cannot board a flight because of a problem with your identification, associated costs are your responsibility. Please check here. The information on your documents must exactly match the information you give me to book you flights with.

  • Travel advisories - it is your responsibility to check for travel advisories that your destination may have. Please check here

  • Pricing and availability - Pricing and availability of flights can and do change between the time of the quote I provide and when you complete your booking forms and I apply the deposit. I will let you know if there’s been an increase in the price prior to proceeding.

know before you take a transfer

Shuttle transfers from the airport to your accommodations may be:

  • non-direct (stopping along the way to let passengers off at their accommodations)

  • shared (not private for your group)

  • the length of the trip is undefined

  • the use of car seats may or may not be required or possible to be installed.

If any of those items are important for you to know ahead of time, please ask me.

What you need to know about transfers

What you need to know about transfers

What you need to know about your accomodations

What you need to know about your accomodations


  • The room type you book is important. If the room location, view, or beds are not specified, that means those things can not be determined ahead of time.

  • Most all-inclusive accommodations and/or packages say that gratuities are included. In the vast majority of situations though, tipping is customary and very much appreciated.

  • Resorts in Cancun and surrounding area charge an environmental tax upon check out. The amount is approximately $1.25 USD per room per night.

  • The ocean conditions and particularly seaweed cannot be determined ahead of time and the resorts will not provide refunds or change your accommodations if the beach/ocean is unusable.

  • Resorts sometimes close restaurants and other amenities during slower times of year and for renovations.

  • Some restaurants have dress codes. Please check the hotel website for this information.


Every part of your trip is subject to a set of terms and conditions. The fine print every travel company has that defines what is their responsibility and what is your responsibility. Please be sure to read these prior to completing my booking form so that you know what you are agreeing to.

If you book anything on your own (anything I don’t apply the payments for) please know that I cannot give advice and/or help if anything goes wrong with any of those items.

What you need to know about the terms and conditions

What you need to know about the terms and conditions