Meet Karen - Luxury Family Travel Agent

Making the most of your time away from your day-to-day life is very important. You look forward to your vacation time, you NEED that time to feed your soul and you want your trips to create opportunities for a new level of family closeness. But you don't have time to figure out how to create that experience.  I understand just how crucial your vacation time is and will guide you as we tailor the right trip for you and your family.

I have been a work from home parent since my daughter was born in November of 2008. One thing that kept me going through the hard times (for me those were the baby years and especially during the rainy seasons) was looking forward to an extraordinary family vacation. I've taken my family to Hawaii, Disneyland, multiple tropical all-inclusive destinations and on cruises. Traveling as a family has become very important and it seems my kids have inherited my wanderlust gene.

Part of what informs my luxury family travel business and my life, is a deep desire to grow in my care for the earth - her people and environment. This desire has me gardening (what an important skill to learn to grow my own food!), buying local as much as possible, minimizing my impact on the earth by considering the products I buy, driving an electric vehicle etc. and my husband and I even dream of having a fully solar powered home one day! I also imagine a world in which resources are shared more evenly (rather than the current state where children in one area of the world starve and truckloads of good food get thrown away in other areas) and people know and understand each other better. I believe travel can be an integral part of seeing these dreams come to fruition. As more people (and particularly children) connect deeply with unique places around the world, I believe change can and will happen!

I get so much satisfaction from my work as a luxury family travel agent as I believe travel brings the world together - making it a kinder, more accepting place for all people.